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Thursday, December 22, 2016

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The high-time of New Year has been started.  The entire world is prepping things to make this New Year a grand and memorable event.  The time to look forward to another year with hunger and passion to excel at work has been started long ago.  There is just couple of days left for the big day of the year.  The New Year will ring in with bundles of happiness.  Many people start over in their lives starting from the New Year.  It is the time to set new goals in order to set new records by the end of the year.

 Happy New Year 2017 Countdown Timer Videos :

New Year is the time to recollect the lessons that we have learned year long and remember them as experiences that life thought us. The entire world is gearing up for the big day of the year.  New Year brings new challenges to us.  We must resolve to make the New Year the most memorable one.  For the New Year we must resolve to be stronger and more professional at work.  New Year has so much for us in its store.  It comes as a surprise package to everyone.  People long to welcome New Year as it fills us with the new spirit.
People celebrate New Year with their near and dear ones.  One of those dear and dear ones with whom we spend most of our precious time with is our family.  Yes! They are the ones with whom we spend most of our time with.  Most of us are working and we almost work for minimum 8 hours daily.  So, it is them with whom we share our most of the time in the day with.  New Year is in the cards and if you are wondering how to wish your friends this year then you can know how to do specially from our page.  We have come up with Happy New Year 2017 wishes for friends.  Take a look!

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Friends are the sweet people who make our day in the office.  They are the office buddies with whom we share all our secrets and important things with.  They encourage us, support us and stand for us at times when we need help.  They do have a special place in our life and we share a great bond with them.  They are the people from whom we get to learn a lot.  
If you are thinking about wishing those special people at office in the best way for the New Year eve then you can get the wishes from our page.  We have listed out many well-written wishes on the occasion of New Year for you.  You can download them from our page for free and can share them with your friends on the New Year eve.  Tell them how they have set an example for you and how they stood for you at hard time.  Give them your best wishes for the New Year with our wishes collection.
Let us try to be good and content,
Kind to each other,
Healthy and gentle and brave,
Obedient to Mother.
For of such were the heroes of old –
Patient in learning,
Seldom rude, seldom cross, never cruel,
From the truth never turning.
– A. E. and M. Keary
A low, quiet music is playing—
distorted trumpet, torn bass line,
white windows. My palms
are two speakers the size
of pool-hall coasters.
I lay them on the dark table
for you to repair.
– Carl Adamshick
The worst is yet to come:
So wail the doubters glum,
But here’s the better view;
“My best I’ve yet to do.”
The worst some always fear;
To-morrow holds no cheer,
Yet farther on life’s lane
Are joys you shall attain.
Go forward bravely, then,
And play your part as men,
For this is ever true:
“Our best we’ve yet to do.”
– Edgar Guest
Happy New Year To You
Happy New Year to you!
May every great new day
Bring you sweet surprises–
A happiness buffet.
Happy New Year to you,
And when the new year’s done,
May the next year be even better,
Full of pleasure, joy and fun.
– Anonymous
It’s a New Year
It’s a new year
Let’s give a cheer
Send New Year PoemsPour us some wine
And maybe some beer
Get all your friends
Party till the day ends
Then the ball will drop
And the balloons will pop
It will be 2017
Give me a high five
Another year passes
Through life’s glasses
Happy New Year!
– Anonymous

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